St John Parfum


Inspired by St John’s Cemetery, fir, moss and resin were collected on 6th August 2014, (rainy day). GPS 22’ 41”E

Reminiscent of a moss-covered cemetery; sombre mist, past and present combined. A musky fragrance of fir, star anise and resin.

Ken and I visited Haeckels many moons ago and were completely sold on their approach, as well as the experience and atmosphere they have created around their brand – and in such an unexpected space. Their products have changed over the years, but their commitment to using local ingredients in Margate has stayed the same. I feel we have a responsibility to support and champion brands who are trying to do something so pure and progressive.

Emete, Brand Director

Award-winning independent skincare company Haeckels specialises in nourishing beauty products made from seaweed, and wild fragrances procured from local botanicals. Haeckels’ natural products are all tested in their Margate lab.


100ml Made in Margate 

Scent Profile: 

Top: Fir, Petitgrain, Star anise Heart: Clove, Smoked wood Base: Cedarwood, Resin, Musk Keep out of direct sunlight

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