Danese Milano

Due La Pera by Enzo Mari, (50x70)

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Due La Pera (50x70) - Enzo Mari 1963 in new (50 x 70) size format. Suitable for most frames. 

The iconic two-colour pear print 'La Pera' was designed by Enzo Mari in 1963 for Danese Milano.

This is part of Enzo Mari's "Serie della Natura". The subjects are simplified everyday images that become symbols, .

Dimensions: 500 mm x 700 mm 
Printing: 2 colours Silk Screen printed
Paper: 200gsm Heavy-wove texilina. 

Enzo Mari, was an industrial designer and artist who made simple, beautiful objects, including toys to traffic bollards. His characteristic style with its minimal forms and consistent use of materials is considered fundamental to the history of Italian design and the development of its role on the world stage.