Continental, 50ml Eau de Parfum

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Continental, 50ml Eau de Parfum

Scent Direction: Woody Amber
Top Notes: Brazilian Orange, French Cypress, Indian Mint, Ylang Madagascar
Heart Notes: Russian Coriander, Lemongrass Guatemala, Leather
Base Notes: Atlas & Virginian Cedarwood, Vetiver Haiti, Sandalwood, Oud Accord, Musk, Amber

Swedish based perfumery CRA-YON creates 100% vegan and cruelty free unisex perfumes using the best quality raw ingredients. CRA-YON's scents are for real-world moments; they're setting out to make fragrance relevant and fun. Each fragrance is designed around an event, whether it be holidaying, working, or creating, allowing you to build a complementary scent wardrobe to suit your social calendar. 

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