La Soufflerie is a non-profit association of glassblowers founded by Sébastien and Valentina Nobile in Paris. It began in 2007, producing vases using recycled glass for florists. Since then, the collective has expanded its enterprise to encompass a range of handmade glassware and lifestyle items. The design reflects their interest in ancient techniques, made with a unique Parisian flair.

La SouffleriePorta Candele with Handle, Blue

La SoufflerieBurriera Linea Grande, Fume

La SoufflerieCaffe Cup

La SoufflerieJosephine Candle

La SoufflerieLiberté Vase

La SouffleriePorta Candele Piccolo

La SoufflerieRock Carafe Big, Transparent

La SoufflerieRock Carafe Big, Framboise
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La SoufflerieVase Roma, Transparent
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La SoufflerieDrip Candle

La SoufflerieRita bowl, Transparent
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La SoufflerieLa Cruche, Transparent

La SouffleriePorta Candele with Handle, Transparent

La SoufflerieRock Vase, Framboise

La SouffleriePichet, Framboise

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