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OUR LIFE BOOK by Kentaro Okawara

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'OUR LIFE BOOK' by Kentaro Okawara 

OUR LIFE BOOK’ explores the artist Kentaro Okawara's everyday life, drawing from experiences around his travels and friendships that were absent due to Covid-19.

The publication is a visual documentation of over 200 of Okawara’s many reflections presented as black and white artworks, each with its own message and narrative which the artist hopes will relate and in someway connect with each and every onlooker.

Published by Hato Press / 2022 
Risograph printed in London. 
Print run: 350

Each book is signed by the artist and features a screen printed glow in the dark cover. 

Printed on 80gsm sugar paper. 
Format: Softcover 
Dimensions: 200x258 (WxH)
Pages: 194 

Okawara is a Tokyo based graphic artist working across various mediums from paintings, sculpture and books to streetwear collections and collaborations. His artworks often depict interactions and observations from his daily life experiences using bold, bright colours and characters.