La Soufflerie

Verre Vul Relevé Glass


The Verre Cul Relevé is a playful style that was made as an expression of the makers skill.  While blowing the glass, the glassblower pushes the cane up into the glass to create the pointed raised base inside. This is a technically difficult procedure that is mastered after years of experience. The beveled design was inspired by the Venetian Baroque style.

The style is suited to shorter drinks, cocktails or ideal for water, it also sounds good when you swirl your ice cube around it. 

We have loved La Soufflerie for many years, and dreamed of stocking their pieces. Their glassware is the perfect marriage of form and function, with elements of raw and rough textures left over from the age-old techniques they use. You can often see where the pieces have been cut off the blowpipe, reiterating how individual and handmade they all are – a rarity in everyday glassware.

Emete, Brand Director

La Soufflerie is a non-profit association of glassblowers founded by Sébastien and Valentina Nobile in Paris. It began in 2007, producing vases using recycled glass for florists. Since then, the collective has expanded its enterprise to encompass a range of handmade glassware and lifestyle items. The design reflects their interest in ancient techniques, made with a unique Parisian flair.

Made from 100% recycled glass, dishwasher safe but hand-washing is advised for the items longevity.

Volume :15cl

Dimensions :7cm w x 7cm h

All orders come in a small cotton branded bag

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