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Oru notebook: A6 Tsuki Moon

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The Oru A6 Notebook is our take on the perfect pocket companion, use it horizontally for illustrations and drawings, or flip it portrait and it becomes a handy to-do or note taking tool. Choose to have its pages plain or with riso printed dots. 

The range is designed, printed and made by hand in house at Hato Press. It is 100% sustainable and recyclable meaning its impact on our environment is minimal. The binding is specially folded so not to use any other materials other than the paper itself, our design and production team have worked alongside G.F Smith to source their most pioneering and environmentally friendly papers.

Product Details:

Pages: 60
Dimensions: 15×10.5cm
Materials: 100% recycled and post-consumer waste paper
Produced & Designed in house by Hato Press