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Cooking With Scorsese: The Cookbook


A collection of recipes including savoury, sweet and drinks created by 46 internationally acclaimed chefs in response to filmic moments that bring them culinary joy. Its pages are illustrated with screenshots from the films that inspired each recipe, allowing readers to immerse themselves in the moments that captured each chefs response. 

From Wong Kar-wai’s intoxicating scenes in 'In the Mood for Love' to Wes Anderson’s delicate pastries in 'The Grand Budapest Hotel', restaurants and chefs have embedded the gestures, imagined aromas, flavours and memories from these scenes into their menus.

Cooking with Scorsese is now a series of books and clothing, morphed into film nights and occasional supper club. Over the years, it has taught us about the circularity of food and film and how each medium has in turn fed into each other.

It goes without saying that we treasure our family member Hato Press' projects, and love to champion the artists and collaborators they work with. We are one and the same… but also not.

Emete, Brand Director

Hato Press is an independent publishing house established in 2009. It produces books, zines and other objects in collaboration with artists; exploring people, play, culture and community in unexpected ways. And, of course, it’s a longstanding part of the HATO family.

Published by: Hato Press  2021,Pages: 208 Dimensions: 280 x 225mmOrientation: LandscapeFormat: Hardcover

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