Clever formulas made to nourish the skin, face and body.

HaeckelsHaeckels x Ozone Coffee + Seaweed Block£20

HaeckelsVitamin E Lip Balm£22

HaeckelsEye Bright Eye Cream£48

HaeckelsMarine Facial Cleanser£28

HaeckelsAlgae Plump + B3 Serum£28

haeckelsEco Marine Cream£54

HaeckelsSalicylic Exfoliating Powder£28

HaeckelsEco Hand Balm£22

HaeckelsBladderwrack + Fennel Hand Wash£34

HaeckelsBladderwrack + Buckthorn Body Wash Sold Out

HaeckelsBladderwrack + Pumpkin Moisturising Lotion£44

HaeckelsExfoliating Seaweed Block£20

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