Bruno Munari

Sicilia Waste Paper Basket by Bruno Munari


Sicilia is a cylinder with hexagonal base and function as a wastepaper basket. The structure is made of polished stainless steel.

Designed by Bruno Munari.

Munari is our Italian godfather number two – the first being Enzo Mari. We’re constantly inspired by Munari’s work; it used to be that if we hit a wall, we’d refer to his books. His view of the role and process of design remains at the forefront of today’s design context. He has a playful and intuitive set of values around design and education – one that has nurtured HATO for over a decade. As students it was always hard to source his projects and books, so we’re so happy to sell them here now.

Bruno Munari was a prolific Italian artist, designer and inventor associated with the Futurist, Modernist and Concrete Art movements – and best known for his experimental children's books, foam toys, futuristic light fittings and cube-shaped ashtrays. The idea of play as an essential component to creativity informs much of his work.

Polished stainless steel

Height (cm): 35

Width (cm) 25

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