No.22 Seau Bag


Bucket bag with a flat base. The handle is attached low down, so that the body of the bag has a little movement when carried.

The first series of Akamae straw bags were developed by designer Inès Bressand with master basket makers during a three-month research trip to Ghana in 2014-2015. Bressand possesses a keen understanding of the local natural straw - known as elephant grass and traditional basketry techniques allowing her to develop unusual and sculptural pieces. 

The Akamae straw bags come from the Upper East region of Ghana and are woven by independent women artisans, coordinated at a local fair trade craft center. This organisation allows them to freely combine their basketry, farming and domestic activities.

H28cm, L19cm.

Pennisetum purpureum natural fiber (GH) / Vegetable tanned leather (FR). 

Hand made in Ghana and France. 

These bags being handmade may have a slight difference in shape, size and colour.

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