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Ingo Giezendanner (aka GRRRR) is known for black and white drawings of his surroundings documenting a long journey through urban space. But every now and then the colors of the rainbow are calling him out and so he started to work with crayons. Minute observations of vegetables, insects and other precious things. Small and private.

Jackson and I have admired Benjamin's work since we were studying as students. Their catalogue is huge, and always growing; they’ve made books and zines with some of our favourite artists and collaborators, from Himaa and Ken Kagami to Andreas Samuelsson. There’s a sensitivity to the way they put publications together that makes each one a pleasure to spend time with.

Ken, Creative Director

Nieves is an independent publishing house based in Zurich, Switzerland, specialising in artists' books and zines. Its logo, a friendly ghost designed by its founder, graphic designer Benjamin Sommerhalder, captures its playful essence.

Published by Nieves Pages: 24 Dimensions: 20 × 14 cm Format: Softcover 2022

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