Martino Gamper

'Basta o Pasta' Apron

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Traditional South Tyrolean blue farmers apron.

These aprons are used throughout the Alpine region and are typically worn on farms, fields and in vineyards and have been since the Middle Ages.

The aprons are personalised with an embroidered text chosen by Martino.

We know Martino through the London-based design collective Åbäke – he co-founded publishing house Dent-De-Leone with Åbäke members Kajsa Ståhl and Maki Suzuki. For us, his work is like walking down a side street in a town in northern Italy, going from one trattoria to another. He contributed to one of our earliest cookbooks, and is world-renowned for his love of ginger.

Ken, Creative Director

Martino Gamper is an Italian designer celebrated for his reinterpretations of antique furniture and everyday objects, and well known for the iconic project 100 Chairs in 100 Days. He is based in east London, where he works across exhibition, interior and product design.

100% cotton

70 x 84 cm

Made in Italy

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