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Cooking with Scorsese & Others Volume 2

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Cooking with Scorsese & Others Vol. 2

A continuation on the wild exploration of food through film with a fresh dollop fun and ingenuity. This is a cinematic cuisine of its finest. 

"A black-and-white trailer for a full-colour feature to be published soon – they welcome you to join in this homage to both food, and to films that celebrate eating in all sorts of compelling ways." – Ananda Pellerin, Editor, The Gourmand

Published by: Hato Press 

Format: Softcover
Pages: 156pp 
Dimensions: 210 x 110 mm


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Cooking with Scorsese is now a series of books and clothing, morphed into film nights and occasional supper club. Over the years, it has taught us about the circularity of food and film and how each medium has in turn fed into each other.