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Beware of the Merch t-shirt by Carl Hjelm

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Beware of the Merch t-shirt by Carl Hjelm

Artist edition t-shirt born from the project The Processss; whilst sharing a home with friend Lars Bronseth during the lockdown era, Carl & Lars created an imaginary world culminating in a tattoo collection, Hjelm’s new persona ‘Cry Laugh Emoji’, and 200 drawings of a duck getting a ball in the head.  

Edition: [1/1]
Size: L
Material: 100% Cotton

The t-shirt has been sourced, designed, and altered by Carl using various mediums such as paint, inks & transfer paper. We advise washing with caution and trusting the process of natural imperfections. 

Care: Cold or handwash only. 

Carl Hjelm is a multidisciplinary artist utilising music, comedy and fashion.