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Ludwig Leo: Circulation Tank 2

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The Circulation Tank 2 (UT2, 1967–1974) is an enigmatic Berlin landmark that had a preservation order put on it during the lifetime of its architect Ludwig Leo.

Leo’s UT2 is an emblematic representation of his intellectual and creative approach. The iconic building is a laboratory—a testing ground for flow experiments, for modes of architectural expression, and now, since its restoration, for how to deal with recent monuments. The book focuses on UT2, using it as a means to address a variety of themes: Leo’s planning approach, which is now regarded as utopian; the intersecting threads connecting science, technology, and aesthetics that converge here; the social conditions of architectural design and reception; and the role of monument preservation with respect to modern buildings.

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Pages: 300
Dimensions: 21 x 27 cm
Format: Softcover