From art and design to food and cookery, zines to children’s books. Hand-picked to inspire new ways of thinking.

Hato PressSELFIE by Ken Kagami£28.0

Hato PressCooking With Scorsese: The Cookbook£45.0

JBE BOOKS435 Ponti e Qualche Scorciatoia by David Horvitz£20.0

Éditions Xavier BarralGrand Paris by Martin Parr [Signed]£32.0

Dent De LeoneEnter Fatima — Charlotte York£12.0

Fumiko ImanoWe Oui by Fumiko Imano£49.0

Martino GamperÁ table£18.0

Actual SourceShoplifters Issue 10: New Type Design Vol.2£43.0

Franz WestPassstuecke by Franz West£48.0

Dent De Leone100 Chairs in 100 Days and its 100 Ways — Martino Gamper£14.0

Dent De LeoneFake rocks — Friends? A Geological Study£12.0

Bruno MunariSupplement To The Italian Dictionary£15.0

Hato PressNo.39 Tragedy by Polly Brown£9.0

AUTREAUTRE Magazine Vol. 2£25.0

Daido MoriyamaWhite and Vinegar£55.0

Hassan HajjajHassan Hajjaj£32.0


ApartamentoApartamento #7 Late Night Meals£30.0

Hato PressNo.37 Breakfast Food for Dinner by Haydée Touitou£9.0

werebrosCarters Cookbook 2£44.0

MANUAL FOR A FUTURE DESERTManual for a Future Desert£18.0

Colpa PressNew York Rave Flyers 1990-1995 Volume 2£15.0

Hato PressNo.36 DALL-E 2 DREAMS OF HAIKUS by Modem£9.0

Dent De LeoneA Loose Hold — Francis Upritchard£30.0

Dent De LeoneINNESTO, Rubbing up the wrong tree — Martino Gamper£8.0

Daido MoriyamaShinjuku by Shohei Yoshida£48.0

Magdalene OdundoThe Journey of Things£40.0

Issei SudaFamily Diary£35.0

Colpa PressDetroit Rave Flyers 1993 – 1999£15.0

Hato PressHato Press Zine Series Bundle: 2022£86.0

Hato PressNo.35 Join Us by Maria Sakurai£9.0

Hato PressCooking with Scorsese: The Collection£28.0


Yoshiko NodaOnigiri koro koro by Yoshiko Noda£20.0

Bruno MunariBruno Munari the Archaeologist£15.0

Hato PressHOW TO DIY Poster£6.0

Hato PressNo.34 HOW TO DIY by Greater Goods£9.0


Dent De LeoneHarry Thaler's Pressed Chair£10.0

NievesHere and There 15£20.0

NievesMax, Maria, Andi & Co by Stefan Marx£20.0


Nieves4333 by Masanao Hirayama£12.0

NievesThe Hot Seat£12.0

Nieves99% Darkness£10.0

NievesNepomuk by Peter Wezel£18.0

InnenTokyo Olympics£18.0


NievesThe Inexhaustible Middle£6.0

InnenCats & Dogs£16.0

Hato PressNo.33 Some Nights Are Quieter Than Others by Raysa Fontana£9.0

Bruno MunariDrawing a tree£18.0

Colpa PressParis Rave Flyers 1991-1994£15.0

ALADIN BORIOLIHives by Aladin Borioli£19.0

Hans Ulrich ObristDrawing Together£28.0

Actual SourceCrayonograph£24.0

Hato PressNo.32 Pollination by Juri Han£9.0

Hato PressNo.31 Fungal by Raphaël Bastide£9.0

disko bayFrom Now On£42.0

Tine BekThe Vulgarity of Being Three-Dimensional£42.0

Hato PressOUR LIFE BOOK by Kentaro Okawara£45.0

FatBoy ZineFatBoy Zine issue 4£9.0

InnenWillhelmtown by BERNHARD WILLHELM£10.0

InnenP.A.M Positive Messages No.1£16.0

InnenHice for Weiss£38.0

InnenThe Yellow & White Pages£72.0

NievesBerlin Drawings 2 by Stefan Marx£26.0

Private ZinesTeach£8.0

Private ZinesDays fall like rain£9.0

Private ZinesWet Paint, Paper Signs, Hong Kong£9.0

Private ZinesSpirited Away£8.0

Dent De LeoneThe Arnold Circus Stool - Martino Gamper£12.0

Hato PressNo.29 Rabbit Duck Turtle by Radim Pesko£9.0

SlantedSlanted #39 —Stockholm£25.0

Roma PublicationsKarel Martens — Patterns£35.0

Enzo MariAutoprogettazione?£24.0

AbakeThe Sky is Touching You — Åbäke£25.0

PaperboyPaperboy Issue 3£14.0

Hato PressNo.28 The Processss by Lars Bronseth£9.0

Hato PressNo.27 If We Run Together by Kris Andrew Small£9.0

PaperboyPAPERBOY Issue 2£14.0

Dent De LeoneJB BLUNK Edition 3£48.0

Dent De LeoneDiplodoclus — LPPL with Abäke£20.0

Dent De LeonePiccolo Volume 2 — Martino Gamper£33.0

Art Paper EditionsZIN TAYLOR , 下田市 (Shimoda) – Ambient Visions of a Dot£22.0

OnomatopeeMeeting Grounds: On Locality, Community, Connection & Care£12.0

Colpa PressLondon Rave Flyers 1990-1996£15.0

Poets and PunksANJU & BANJU - Korean Tapas Recipes£27.0

SERBAN IONESCUA Thing on a Table in a House£40.0

Bss BijutsuArchitecture - Tokyo Artrip£20.0

KyuryudoBruno Munari (Japanese Only)£44.0

Dent De LeoneThe Knife by Charlotte York£18.0

LecturisTouki Voyage A Dakar by Judith Quax & Noah Saliou£40.0

JBE BOOKSFeeling by Ryoko Sekiguchi£19.0

ApartamentoAssemblage 6: Unlearning by Faye TooGood£28.0

JBE BOOKSThe Leaked Recipes Cookbook£35.0


NewfaveStill Life by Motoyuki Daifu£52.0

Seigensha BooksToy & Design History of Toymakers And Atelier Niki Tiki£30.0

Roma PublicationsExperimental Jetset - Superstructures£24.0

Seigensha BooksSuper Graphics: The Works Of Yuki Kikutake£33.0

Seigensha BooksNaonori Yago - Basara: Graphic Design Works From 2015 - 2020£50.0

Spector BooksParallax Symmetry by Carsten Nicolai£35.0

Roma PublicationsRe-Printed Matter by Karel Martens£35.0

Seigensha BooksDictionary Of Color Combinations Volume 2£19.0

Roma PublicationsExperimental Jetset: Full Scale False Scale£23.0

Seigensha BooksTasty Of Life by Eatrip£55.0

NievesRound Midnight by Caro Niederer£10.0

NievesAutumn/Winter & Spring/Summer by Nigel Peake£20.0

Innen BooksIf I See You in My Dreams by Joji Nakamura£11.0

Lost In BooksLOST IN: Cooks£14.0

BNNRisograph Printing Collection£20.0

Innen BooksThe Masks£16.0

OsirisHoly Onion by Motoyuki Daifu£45.0

Yoshiko Noda "Yocci"Tsuru no Ongaeshi Ornitologico£25.0


Bruno MunariI Prelibri£170.0

Bruno MunariLibro Illeggibile MN 1£5.0

Enzo MariSee-saw by Enzo Mari£22.0

Dent De LeoneThree Double Tales 
Trois contes doubles 
Drei Doppelte Erzählungen by Aurélien Froment£31.0

O.OONo Magic in Riso by O.OO£48.0

Libro ArteSolary Man 2006-2015 by Yuki Aoyama£32.0

Hato PressIf You Need Free Printing Zine£5.0


CorrainiIl Gioco Delle Favole: The Fable Game£35.0

Dent De LeoneThe Annotated Reader£22.0

Dent De LeoneCups, plates, bowls & sculptures: ceramics 1950–1999 by JB Blunk£14.0

Bruno MunariFrom Afar It Was An Island£18.0

Fatboy ZineFatboy Zine Issue 02£9.0

Dent De LeoneEvery Colour By Itself - Francis Upritchard£15.0

Bruno MunariBruno Munari ‘The Square’£12.0

Bruno MunariBruno Munari ‘The Circle’£12.0

Bruno MunariPlus and Minus by Bruno Munari£44.0

Hato PressHolidays£10.0


Hato PressBlocks Blocks Blocks by Chiaozza£25.0


Hato PressHow it is... by Nicolas Burrows£12.0

Hato PressOpen Books Volumes A – E£35.0

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