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Spirited Away

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Spirited Away zine by  YoungQueenz

Based in Hong Kong, YoungQueenz is a hip-hop artist known for his diverse and innovative style. As the mastermind behind Wildstyle Records, the rapper is known for his poetic lyrics and unique Cantonese flow. With the rise of Asian hip-hop in recent years, YoungQueenz gained recognition with mixtapes and along with its hit single and Youtube hit.. His electrifying live performance is known to excite crowds, attracting a strong cult following in the young generation. Despite his young age, YoungQueenz has brought his music to sold out crowds in shows, festivals, and fashion gigs in Asia.

Dimensions: A5
Printed on uncoated paper

In 2020, his solo album <神隱 Spirited Away> was finally released, bringing the listeners on a transcendental journey revolving around the themes of love, life, and spirituality. This zine is an accompaniment to that journey.