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Projecting Urban Natures — Hanna Erixon Aalto

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Projecting Urban Natures — Hanna Erixon Aalto

Projecting Urban Natures is a compilation thesis in critical studies within architecture, and centres on four design proposals in Stockholm, Sweden in which I have taken an active part. The renewed emphasis on transformation, social-ecological interaction and resilience that is currently taking place within ecological systems science is the point of departure for this thesis, as are the opportunities that these paradigmatic insights in turn have opened up within urbanism and design.

The thesis argues that although they are promising, these emerging integrative frameworks are seldom brought into mainstream planning and urban design practice. Instead, the structuring of “nature” and “city” into a dualistic balance relationship still permeates not only the general planning discourse, but also makes its way into planning documents, notably influencing distinctions between professions. In response, this thesis sets out to rethink and explore more integrated approaches to human/nature relationships, through the utilization of design-based and transdisciplinary research methods. While this core aim of the thesis remains the same throughout the work, the task is approached from different perspectives: through different constellations of collaborative work as well as through parallel and complimentary case-based explorations that emphasize the relational, anti-essentialist and situated articulation of values of urban natures and how these forces come into play.

Author / Editor: Hanna Erixon Aalto 

Design: Åbäke 

Dimensions: W x 170 mm 
 H x 235 mm 

Pages: 368

Language: English 

Format: Soft cover, open binding