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Getaway by Ulrik Jantzen, Kasper Witte Larsen, Emil Jakobsen, Simon Caspersen and Kasper Kristoffersen. 

Getaway plays out in a parallel universe a little closer to the sun; The Canary Islands, almost exclusively a holiday destination for more than three million western tourists a year. Five Danish photographers have been on an expedition to this shiny new world to gain evidence of its well-being. Here we see bodies in all shapes and sizes, deep canyons, wild nature, sandy beaches, sunburns, nudism, and alcohol. A recreational mix where one comes to enjoy, dream, escape, recover and confront the absence of everyday life. That temporary reality we call a vacation.

Published by Disko Bay

Format: Softcover
Dimensions: 16.5 × 22.5 cm
Pages: 144