Bruno Munari

Drawing a tree

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Drawing a tree by Bruno Munari 

Drawing a tree is one of the books from the Munari Workshop series that describes different working techniques, from educational to explanatory pamphlets and “poetic” play... with explanations and maps to get adults and children, teachers and students working together.

"Perfection, says an old proverb, is beautiful but stupid: you have to understand it but break it. Now that you know how to draw a tree, as I think you do, there's no need to slavishly follow what I've shown you. Once you know the rule, you can draw the tree of your choice, completely different from the ones you've seen in this book. You can draw them with a pencil, a pen, a felt-tip market a paintbrush, crayons, chalk, a piece of brick, charcoal, your fingers. powders, chocolate, a shaving brush or a broom. You can make them out of paper, stiff card, corrugated board, packing paper, wire mesh, plastic, non-plastic, papier-mâché, wire, brass, aluminium, string, spaghetti, cloth, whatever you want. And then, above all, teach others how to do it to". — Bruno Munari

Published by Corraini Edizioni

Format:  Softcover
Pages:  88
Dimensions: 14.5w x  21 cm h 
First Edition Year:  2004